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Family Business 3
Copyright 2005 by the author
The usual disclaimers apply.
This is part 3 of 4 parts, and lolita nude for free is my first venture into writing about bi-sexual sex (although it has an emphasis on gay sex). Like my previous stories, it�s pure fantasy. It involves male/female sex, male/male sex, adult/youth sex, transvestism and incest (I left out bestiality - I think that would be a bit too much!!). Hope you enjoy it. If you do I�d love to hear from you.
Chapter 3
Over the next months I was getting sucked off by guys who Dad had as clients at the Gym and russian loli xxx video
who Mom had in the afternoon. I guess I was getting sucked off two or three times a week and Dad was fucking me three or four times a week, so I was real happy. One of the clients Mom had was a guy who was called Rhonda when he was a girl. He was a small guy and when he was dressed he looked real pretty. He had a real small dick, not much bigger than mine, and he liked to dress up like a school girl with little socks and shoes with straps over the top and a school girl�s uniform. He wore a wig that had two pigtails, and Mom used to put just a little bit of make up on him. When he was dressed he looked like he was about fourteen.
When I saw his dick I didn�t know how he was going 100 top lolita bbs to fuck Mom with it. That�s when Mom
went to another cupboard and took out this leather sort of belt and it had a big black dildo attached to it. She put it on herself so that it looked like she had a big cock. Rhonda got on the bed on his hands and knees, and Mom flicked his uniform skirt up so that his ass was showing. She took a tube of lubricant and spread some on the dildo and on his hole, and shoved it up his ass in one go. It was about eight inches long and it all slid in him. He sorta grunted as it went in him. Then Mom started fucking him with it.
I got on the bed for him to suck me, and he said to lie on my back and slide under him. He wanted me to suck him while he was sucking me and Mom was fucking him. So I slid under him and took his little dick in my mouth while bbs list free lolita
he swallowed mine. I could see Mom�s dildo fucking him while I lay there. It was so hot! I was sucking on his cock and playing with
his little balls, and he had my cock preteen nude lolita art and balls in his mouth and was running his tongue round them inside his mouth. While he was sucking he was grunting every time Mom pushed the dildo deep into him.
Mom fucked him for about ten minutes, before he pulled off my dick and said he was gonna cum. He pulled his dick out of my mouth and shot his load over my face and chest, Mom was fucking him all the time he was shooting. When he finished, Mom stopped and pulled the dildo out of his ass. It was all shiny with his ass juice. She got off the bed and Rhonda moved down my body to lick his cum off me. Then he went to kiss me, but I turned my head, so he just licked all the cum up. Finally he got up and let me get off the bed. We all went down stairs. Rhonda was still dressed as a school girl, and Mom made got some milk and cookies for him latina lolita bbs porn and me, and a cup of coffee for herself. It was
sorta strange to see a grown man being a school girl and having milk and cookies like she had just come in from school, but Mom told me later that that�s the way he likes to play.
They sat and chatted for a while and I just listened. Mom had taken off her belt with the dildo and bbs list free lolita was wearing her thin robe again, and I still didn�t have any clothes on. Rhonda kept playing with my cock and rubbing his hands up and down my legs while they talked, and it made m cock hard again. He asked Mom if he could suck me again before he went, and she said if I wanted him to. I said he could if he liked - I liked being sucked, so he just bent over and took my cock in his mouth and started sucking me again. Mom watched for a little while then she got up and went lolita girl model photo into the bedroom. She came out with another dildo and the lubricant,
The way Rhonda was bent underage sex lolita top over sucking my
cock, his ass was showing again, so Mom greased up the dildo and shoved it into his ass again. I felt him gulp when it went in, and he started sucking harder while Mom was fucking him again. It wasn�t long before I felt the tingles in my dick and balls, and I shuddered as I had another dry cum in his mouth. He lifted off my dick and Mom pulled the dildo out of his ass. Then he got up and went into the bathroom and showered and changed back into his man clothes. When he came out he paid Mom and then he gave me ten dollars. Mom protested and said he shouldn�t do it, but he said that he had the best time and I should have it.
Just as he left, Dad arrived home. He asked Mom how her day was. Mom told him what Rhonda had done, and Dad said �Welcome to the business� and laughed. He said that I was paying my way now. I guessed that he meant I was officially a whore
now. Mom asked me why I turned my head when Rhonda tried to kiss me. I said I didn�t know but it just didn�t feel right to kiss him. Dad said I truly was a whore. I asked him why, and he said that whores don�t kiss their tricks, and laughed again. Mom was still in her thin robe and Dad asked her if she wanted it. He knew that most times Mom had Rhonda as a client she didn�t cum. She told him she was still horny, so they went into the bedroom. I followed them and lay down on the bed with Mom.
Dad took his clothes off and joined us. I watched as Dad climbed on the bed and buried his head in her cunt. He started licking and sucking her pussy, then he pulled back and beckoned me forward, I lay with my bbs list free lolita head near Mom�s leg so that I could see her cunt, I�d never really looked at it before and Dad was explaining everything to me, and pulling her lips
apart so I could see the folds of her pussy. They were all red and glistening. He told me that Mom makes stuff like precum in her cunt, that makes it nice and slippery for a man�s cock to slide in. That�s why a man makes precum, so that it�s easy for him to slide his cock in and fuck her. He then pointed to a little sort of sticking out piece near the top of her slit. He told me it was her clit and that it was real sensitive. He touched it and played with it and Mom started groaning, and telling Dad to keep playing with it.
Dad then took my hand and put it on her clit to do what he was doing, then he got on his knees and slid his cock into her cunt. It was rubbing against my hand while I was playing with Mom�s clit, and I was watching real close. Dad pushed his cock right into her and then started pumping in and out, Mom was moaning real loud by now and Dad
said to squeeze her clit, so I did. I liked watching Dad�s cock going in and out, and it was getting shiny with Mom�s juice. I rubbed and squeezed her clit for about five minutes, while Dad fucked her. He started getting faster and pushing harder, and I was rubbing and squeezing it hard and faster too. Mom started making funny sorta crying, whining noises and she was bucking her hips up, trying to get more of Dad�s cock into her. Her pussy was getting wetter and wetter with the juice she was making, and suddenly she let out a loud scream and a whole lot of her juice started pouring out of her cunt. It covered my hand and dripped round Dad�s cock onto the bed. She was bucking and bouncing on the bed and Dad�s cock was ramming deep into her.
Then Dad shoved his cock in and held it still in here. I could feel it jerking against my hand and I knew he was
cumming in her. He was making little jabbing movements in her as he shot his load in her. I kept fingering her clit and she kept making those funny noises. Finally she reached down between her legs and took my hand away, then she just lay back on the bed gasping. Her eyes were closed and her face looked real red, like she had been running a mile flat out. Dad slowly pulled his cock out of her cunt, and moved back, then bent down and started licking and sucking again. His cock was still fairly hard and all shiny with his cum and Mom�s juice, and I moved forward to suck it clean for him. I didn�t like the taste as much as after he fucked me, but I could taste his cum and I liked that.
After he sucked his cum out of Mom�s cunt, and I cleaned his cock, he lay down on the bed next to Mom. She looked like she had gone to sleep, and Dad and I lay there for a while
just playing with our cocks. Dad hadn�t gone real soft, and soon he was starting to get fully hard again. I turned round on the bed and took his cock back into my mouth. I cold still taste a bit of Mom�s juice on him, but it was mostly Dad�s taste. I was sucking him gently, and he was rubbing his hand down my back and into my ass crack. I rolled onto my stomach, so he could get at my ass crack better and he started playing with my hole. I hunched my ass up so he could play with it easier. Dad reached over me and grabbed the tube of lubricant, then squeezed some in my crack. He rubbed his fingers in it and dragged some down to my hole, then slid his fingers in me. I was sucking his cock while he was finger fucking me, but I wanted more.
I pulled off his cock and got on my hands and knees with my legs spread. Dad knew what I wanted so he pulled his fingers out
and rolled me over onto my back. I lifted my legs and he crawled in between them. His cock was wet with my spit, and my ass was wet with the lubricant, so he easily slid his cock into my boy pussy. I loved it when he fucked me, so I just sighed as he slid in me. He fucked me slowly to start with, and I reached up and started playing with his tits. They were hard and sticking out and when I squeezed them he groaned and started speeding up. He was pumping deep into me and the bed was rocking from our fuck. Dad had taught me how to use my ass to give him pleasure, so I started squeezing my ass muscles round his shaft very time he pushed into me. That made him fuck me even harder. and I was being pushed up against Mom.
Then I felt her hand running down my belly. I looked latina lolita bbs porn over at her and she was awake and smiling as she watched Dad fucking me. I turned my head and took one of her
tits in my mouth and started sucking it. I did like sucking Mom�s tits, and she liked the feeling too. She took my cock in one hand and started stroking it, while her other hand was down at her pussy playing with her clit. The feeling of Dad fucking me while I was sucking Mom�s tit and she was jacking my dick was too much for me and I started getting the tingles that meant I was going to cum again. Before long the tingles got so big that I moaned round Mom�s tit and had another cum. My ass muscles must have squeezed even harder, �cos Dad let out a yell and I felt his cock jerk inside me as he gave me his juice, Mom started rubbing her clit even harder, and Dad reached over and shoved two fingers into her cunt. That was enough to make her cum again and when Dad pulled his fingers out, they were soaked with Mom�s juice.
Mom grabbed his hand and put his
fingers in her mouth and sucked her juice off them, then Dad pulled out of my ass and bent down to suck Mom�s juice, and I moved down to clean his cock again, By this time we were all exhausted, and we lay down together and went to sleep, with me between Dad and Mom.
Next morning when I woke up I could feel Dad�s cock rubbing against my ass. I wiggled round till his cock head was against my hole and I slid back onto it. Dad put his hand round my belly, and I knew he was awake. He started fucking me again, real slow. I was trying to make him go faster, but he held me real still and just slid in and out of my hole slowly. We lolitia child models galleries must�ve been making the bed move, because it woke Mom up and she rolled onto her side to watch us fucking. She watched for a while and then got out of bed and went to the bathroom. Dad lolita girl model photo
and I continued fucking, and we heard Mom having a shower.
When she came out she just looked at us and smiled and shook her head, like she thought we couldn�t get enough fucking. And she was right as far as I was concerned. I just loved Dad fucking me and wanted it all the time. Then Mom got dressed and went down stairs. She said she was going to make breakfast, so we�d better finish quickly and clean up before we came down. Dad started fucking me faster, and he rolled me over till I was on my stomach, and pulled me up onto my hands and knees. He was kneeling behind me and was able to fuck even harder and faster. I was getting the tingles, and when I cummed I could feel my ass squeezing Dad�s cock and he came in me.
We went into the bathroom and cleaned up and then went downstairs for breakfast. It was Saturday, and Dad had to go to work at the Gym. He only worked half a day on Saturday, so he would be home
in the afternoon. Him and Mom had a job that night, and I underage sex lolita top
was going to stay with one of Mom�s girlfriends for the night. Dad was at work for about an hour when we got a phone call at home. Mom�s girlfriend had been offered a job she couldn�t refuse. One of her best clients had a business associate in from out of state, and the client wanted her to entertain the associate. Mom couldn�t tell her not to go of course, so she started calling her other girlfriends to see if they could look after me, but they were all busy too; Saturday was always a busy night for them.
When Dad got home, she told him what had happened, and Dad made some phone calls, but he couldn�t find anyone to look after me either, so he rang the client and explained the position. I knew the client from the Gym, he was one of the guys who sucked me while Dad fucked him. He said I could go
with them if they could play with me. Dad asked me if I was okay with that, and I said I was so he told the client that it would be alright. I was going to be working with Mom and Dad!

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